Alessandro Minelli research group

Alessandro Minelli Lab

Giuseppe Fusco Lab
Lucio Bonato Lab
Alessandro Minelli (professor of  Zoology)

Diego Maruzzo (post-doc)
Growth centres in arthropod appendages

Leandro Drago (PhD student)
Non-systemic metamorphosis in millipede gonopods

Marco Uliana  (PhD student)
Colour patterns in coleopterans

Giuseppe Fusco (assistant professor of Zoology)  

Francesca Bortolin (PhD student)
Post-embryonic growth regulation in Lithobius (Chilopoda)

Lucio Bonato (assistant professor of Zoology)
Geophilomorph Centipedes: evolution and diversity
Amphibians and Reptiles: faunistics and ecology

Federica Todesco (PhD student)
Geophilomorph centipede phylogeny, based on both morphological and molecular data


last updated December 2008